Jul 2, 2010

Red Bull Romaniacs HalfWay Report

At the completion of Day 2 at the Red Bull Romaniacs 2010, Joakim Ljunggren found himself in the Number 3 position for the day's results, number 7 overall unofficial results. Joakim came into this rally with the confidence of having achieved a 3rd overall finish in the 2010 Indoor Enduro Worldcup, but straddling the insecurity of his inexperience with the gps navigation required for this rally.

Day 1 of the rally consisted of continuous rainfall. The slippery, long hills caused all but two riders to be late to the finish line. Joakim took a slower pace to both prevent injury and to put some riders' tracks ahead of him. He made up for this delay on Day 2 when he overtook several riders, despite a sore leg.

We are approaching the end of Day 3 as I write this. 165 riders going for 10 or so hours through the Karpatian wilderness, mostly through fog and then, near the end, through more rain. As I write, 8 Pro Riders have come in, Jarvis, Lettenbichler, Bolton, Gutzeit, Birch, Forster, Van Niekerk and Darryl Curtis. Curtis complaining about spending 25 minutes in a ditch and Birch bewildered over electrical problems, usually not a factor with the reliable KTM. Now I'm left wondering: where's Joakim?

Day 2 Results:

  1. Andreas Lettenbichler, BMW, 6.45.51
  2. Paul Bolton, KTM, 6.52.54
  3. Joakim Ljunggren, Husaberg, 7.15.50
  4. Jade Guitzeit, KTM, 7.22.13
  5. Chris Birch, KTM, 7.38.24

Unofficial Overall Results after Day 2

  1. Chris Birch, KTM, 15.44.55
  2. Andreas Lettenbichler, BMW, 16.34.39
  3. Paul Bolton, KTM, 17.05.31
  4. Jade Guitzeit, KTM, 17.37.21
  5. Lionel Seydoux, KTM, 18.01.10
  6. Gerhard Foster, BMW, 19.52.37
  7. Joakim Ljunggren, Husaberg, 22.08.24
  8. Darryl Curtis, KTM, 23.27.09

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