Aug 15, 2010

AK Glacier Tour: A Perfect Ending

I totally forgot something I meant to include in my Glacier Tour post. That event was near the end of our trip. We had spent days with Doug, watching him interact with people and hearing all his country charms and his antebellum colloquialism. But this one topped them all and absolutely made our day.
After our exuberant flight, as the plane taxied slowly back up the tarmac to disembark, during a moment of silent reflection and satisfaction, Doug's voice came over our headsets as he leaned up to our pilot, Ben.
"By Granny, you're good, Ben."


Anonymous said...

I tuned to see your guest blogger. What a disappointment when her column was not here. What is the problem? You couldn't afford to pay her enough?

Poof said...

Well, yes, of course, let me get out of the way here.

Things have been hectic. Helpful Hints will post late Monday with a tip that will save you money at the dollar store.