Aug 15, 2010

Popinjay - Breathtaking

You guys all popinjayed to beach scenes, so I had to counteract with a mountain scene. Except for the cemetery one, was that you, Heather? That was cool, too. And the tree one, gotta love old trees. It sure seemed like a lot of beach scenes though. This one's Berchtesgaden, Germany.
Popinjay Word of the Week: Breathtaking


~michelle pendergrass said...

Ohmygosh. I want to live there.

heather said...

Yup, the cemetery was me. I love hanging out in them! Such great stories!

It looks like a great place to live, but I think I'd want to fix the place up just a little before moving in. ;)

Seriously, great composition. Love the reflection in the water.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pic!