Nov 27, 2010

ISS: Expedition 25 Completes Mission

11th in a series on the ISS
The three final crew members of Expedition 25 returned home on Thanksgiving evening (eastern time zone), landing in south-central Kazakhstan, the Russian countryside, among 10 helicopters, several ATV vehicles and a few Search & Recovery teams which, frankly, made me a little uneasy. Clouds were low, weather was perfect although very cold.

Immediately upon extraction from the Soyuz, each astronaut was taken to a recliner just a few yards from the Soyuz. Here they were tended to by several doctors -- blood pressure and heart rate checks -- then wrapped in a blankie and allowed to be asked just a few questions before being carried, recliner and all, to the medical tent about 80 yards away. Doug told a NASA Public Affairs Officer the ride was everything he expected and more. He commented on his view of the ISS as they undocked, "Beautiful view, spectacular to see my home in space and what it looks like in full view - almost like a 3D movie."

After a visit at the medical tent, the crew would be helicoptered out and then the two American Astronauts would be sent back to NASA Houston within a few days. I haven't heard for sure, but I would imagine Doug is back in Houston as I write this. I will be offline for a few days and unable to keep up with what's going on, so I leave you now with what was my final view of Doug before he was carted off in his recliner. This view so perfectly captures Doug's personality. Here he is, minutes after landing back on earth after 5.5 months living in outer space.

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