Dec 16, 2010

The Dead End of the World

I've been told there is a place
where all the currents
of all the oceans
And anything that has gotten lost
Or misplaced
Can be found there.
And I think
One day I'll find this place
And go there
And among all that floating debris,
I will retrieve my heart.


Mom said...

HEY what's going on!!!!!!!

Poof said...

I'm just feeling old, cold and callous. I feel like I've lost my empathy and compassion, am very cynical and heart-less. The years have bruised this ol' heart into full departure.

dfurman1 said...

Sounds like you need a paper towel run with your cuz.

Anonymous said...

U certainly r NOT heart-less,do NOT talk this way!!

Anonymous said...

aww mommy! you are definately not old, cold and callous! You're a great mommy and a great Pookie!!