Jan 26, 2011

Cinch Eating Plan: Stop Counting and Start Living

I jumped on the band wagon and am trying the cinch! diet because, my friend, it "can profoundly change the way you look and feel in just 30 days!" and I so need that.
Well. That and the fact that it's by Cynthia Sass and she is outstanding in her field, and she is very personable and tweets with me, and I'll meet her Thursday face-to-face at a conference so she can sign my nook if one could sign nooks, but since I have a nook instead of a book, I'm kind of out of luck on that one.
That and the fact that another one of Sass' diet plans The Flat Belly Diet was recommended by a friend who found it successful. So Sass comes highly recommended. And I really like saying Sass a lot.
Cinch! is set up as a 30-day plan that eliminates processed foods and artifical additives in favor of wholesome, natural foods like in-season fruits and whole grains. I want it to be a lifestyle plan for me. I want to finally get rid of all the junk I eat and feed myself in a way that encourages energy and health. Is that a mid-life crisis?
Cinch! is focused on nutrition, energy and taste. There's a scientific reason for everything and I don't have to learn it, just trust Ms. Sass. Besides healthy food, Cinch times your meals to regulate blood sugar & insulin levels & hunger hormones, to reset and rev up your metabolism and to keep you feeling energized. If you're like me and need structure, this is for you.

And best of all? Dark Chocolate. Cinch! includes a daily dose of dark chocolate.
-Cinch! has an optional 5 Day Fast Forward diet you can do prior to the 25 day plan. It is optional. I opted in. It's like boot camp. It is very restrictive and difficult to do, but will jumpstart your results, which I need to help me stay the course and fight the fight. The 5 Day Fast includes just five foods: spinach, almonds, raspberries, organic eggs and organic yogurt (or vegan friendly alternatives). This fast is rich in detoxifying and health-protecting nutrients which are filling and give your body, mind and taste buds a fresh start.
-So I'm doing the 5 Day Fast now. It's been very hard because I MISS other foods and am getting tired of these 5 foods. But I have to say that I am feeling really good, a lot better than normal, and I have tons of energy. I think the rumors about Popeye and Spinach are true!
This is what I've been eating for breakfast for five days now:
-I'm switching it up tomorrow and doing the spinach and raspberries in a smoothie and making the scrambled egg plain - just pure, scrambled egg bliss, sister, who knows how to party?!
Gotta run, it's time for a yogurt/raspberry/almond smoothie. I'll keep you posted on whether it's a Cinch to use Cinch to Cinch your waist. PS -- I lost 6 lbs in 6 days so far. But now I'm at Blissdom and will most likely over eat.


driftwood said...

You sound like Oprah who changes diet plans more often than I have birthdays. Each one is suspose to be the best and easiest to lose weight. It seems to work for a few months then next thing you notice is that she is just as heave as she was before she started this newest FAD diet. Then, lo and behold, she is on another newest, best diet ever.

Brenda said...

Thanks for sharing, Val...look forward to the update! Have fun in the 'ville.

Anonymous said...

Loved meeting you at lunch. I look forward to reading your blog. Let's chat again!

jen said...

im still looking for the book!! uuurrrgggggg....

Poof said...

Thanks for the comments, I'm on a temp. break this week eating at this conference. But will be back to the Cinch soon. I just met Cynthia Sass and she is really so nice and supportive!