Jan 27, 2011

Who Put the Bliss in Blissdom 2011?

Was it The Master himself?
it's an ongoing debate, really,

. . . and right now I'm leaning toward the sponsors,
not that my vote could be bought or anything . . .

-. . . sponsors like Ketchum, specifically the awesome Maura Comerford . . .

-. . .who's spending all day assembling white cardboard boxes for us (probably mostly writer tribe types) (!!) to doodle all over and address to people we love. Maura will then stuff our boxes full of cute and adorable mini boxes of Kleenex and mail our boxes, free of charge, to our pals, buddies, grammas. And mine, if you can't guess, with it's subliminal messaging, is going to a certain someone who, as you can see, rocks.
. . . and sponsors like Hologic with MamaMemoirs whose spokesperson was kind enough to suggest it possible that I could be a new mom. I told her I am in fact young enough to know somebody who is going to be a new mom and she loaded me up with fun stuff to pass on to a certain some-somebody with the initials H. A. and her first name rhymes with Feather.
-. . . and sponsors like Nestle' Toll House who shoved cookies into my briefcase, reminding me to Bake Some Love, sugar, just go on home and bake you some love. The cookies are heart shaped with cute little Valentines messages on them. The best part? I can buy them pre-made in the refrigerator section, stick them on a pan, bake 'em and they come out all fancy and beautiful. So I can Bake Some Love in about 10 minutes.-. . . and sponsors like Jockey, who is sending me home with a fresh, new, clean pair of undies, that feel like I'm wearing nothing. Noth.Thing.  And now, I have to add, I won a $50 shopping spree from Jockey also.
-. . . and today, right about noon, it was Blue Bunny that was putting the Bliss in my Blissdom, as well as the little fuzzy blue bunny in my bag to take home to Eva. Blue Bunny let me try their brand new, top secret, yet to be released to the markets, mini-Champs! cones. And mine? Pictured here? Is the adult, classy, I'm-a-big-girl vanilla, but you can pay a kid to go with you and order the kids' one filled with birthday cake ice-cream, then snatch it from the kids and suck it down. I plan to do that later today, maybe I can rent one of Angela England's kids to set the pick for me.
On top of all, very sweet, we all got a Land's End tote to carry home all of our delicious goodies. I spoke with Molly Hawkins from Land's End and she admitted that she, personally, owns a lot more totes than a person could possibly use. The Land's End totes are absolutely irresistable. And very, very strong.
-I have to get back to my sampling, I mean my Blissdom Sponsors. But I have to tell you first that I received nothing in exchange for this post. After all the links I put in there, risking losing my own readers, and all the advertising I just did, I was not compensated for this post. I'm just one, huge, tremendously grateful, BLISSful chica.

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