Feb 17, 2011

Cupcake: Take 7

This sorry lookin' thing, my lovelies, is called a Lemon Cheesecake cupcake.  Tall icing looks pretty and all, but spreading it over the entire cupcake surface tastes much better.  It is better to taste good than to look good, dahling.

My trusty side-kick met me at Starbucks and we tasted this baby together.....
  I loved it, she liked it.  Very lemony, kind of like Girl Scout lemon cookies.  We didn't really notice anything that could be called cheesecake, not sure where it derives that name.   This cupcake is definitely in the running for me.  I will order this one often.  This is my #2 or #3 favoriteMarj?  Not so much.

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Anonymous said...

I just know it would be at the top of my list,cause I LOVE lemon!!!

It does look kind of sad,but...I WOULD eat it anyway!!


Anonymous said...

Lisa - why aren't you here today working for Bestway?