Feb 18, 2011

Flashback Friday: Tall Paul and Cousin Brenda

My cousin Brenda and my second cousin Paul were born five weeks apart and went through school together in the same class.  Paul was quite short, always the shortest kid in the class until he hit 15.  During his 15th Summer, he shot up to 6' and went from being the shortest kid in his class in May to being the tallest in Sept.

While Paul was short, my mother nicknamed him Tall Paul and it stuck....
, which now is OK, but back then we should have hauled out the currently politically correct bullying laws for Paul.  Most of Paul's short height was due to his very short legs.  Mom approached him one day when he was real young, "Paul!  You got no legs!!"  Paul looked down and pointed, "I do, too!"   But Paul finally grew into his nickname.  He looks like he might be gloating in his and Brenda's graduation picture above, doncha think?

And while we've flashbacked to Paul... can anyone tell me the rules to this Toilet Paper game they played at his and Brenda's 16th birthday party?  I think they were sworn to secrecy, but it's been YEARS, please tell.

At this same 16th birthday party, Tall Paul and the Paulettes decided to pack into his dad's old Plymouth Fury to see how many could fit inside.   And it looks like they are still wearing the toilet paper.
I'm thinking they all fit inside the car, does anyone know how many?  And a sidenote to the modern day worriers -- the car did not go anywhere with kids all willy nilly inside.  It was out in the field, immobile.


Mom said...

That Paul was just the cutest kid but I did pick on him, shouldn't have done that 'tho he took it well.

Ruth said...

What was Brenda's nickname? Surely she had one, everyone else did!