Mar 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Tom and I got married during Spring Break at USC 26 years ago today.
We wed immediately after exams in that small park down on Blossom Street with only two friends and our parents present.  The pastor convinced us not to elope, to go ahead and include our parents.
I'm so grateful he did.
So. Grateful.
Don't ever leave your parents out of it.  (hindsight)

This is me and mom in the bridal chambers (my dormroom) before the wedding.....
 I still have that orange blanket, don't I, Will.... or Joe?   or Robby.
They're my guest blankets.
But me and mom....
Don't we look cool and ready for a wedding?
No pre-wedding nerves.
No Bride-Zilla nonsense.

I knew nothing about being a mom back then.
Could I imagine the thoughts in my mother's head that day?
Could I imagine what it is to raise a child and let them go?
Could I imagine the worries, hopes and dreams, the unspoken advice, the nail-bitten concerns, the heart-wrenching memories, the loosened grip, the giving-away-something-you-cherish-more-than-life stoic resignation?
I think not.
I'm looking at her like "Isn't this the greatest thing!!??!!"
But she's not looking at me.
No, I don't think she thinks this is the greatest thing.
I think she thinks if she doesn't look at this, it will go away.
It will be a dream.  Or it won't hurt.
I think she is gripping her lawnchair.
I wonder if she thinks I should have a grand wedding worthy of a princess?
If I should marry the boy next door and stay close to home?
If I should marry someone with a better job, a better house, a stronger faith?
Happy Anniversary to us.
What comes around, goes around.


Mom said...

The happiest of Anniversaries to you two we love you both so so SO much-----------and, yes, ALWAYS include your parents, what a day that was and perfect weather as well, you made a beautiful bride and you both are wonderful parents so, again, Happy Anniversary!!!!

Rick said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Tom S said...

That picture CRACKS me up. Flea looks like he's about to throw up. He was definitely more nervous about the whole thing than either of us...

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary guys...26 years, and you both look exactly the same. Heres to 26 more!
Jimmy and Debra and Sara and Chumlee (and Patch & CatDog)

Ann said...

What a wonderful tribute to your wedding day! Thanks for sharing something so sweet...and happy anniversary to you and your handsome groom!

Poof said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had a very nice dinner out. It's friends and family that makes life so grand.