Mar 14, 2011

News Bloopers

News Bloopers always seem to be the funniest because they try so hard not to laugh.
Enjoy.  I got these from Mashable awhile ago.

I wonder if the producer was messing with her by popping these googly eyes up so much:

This guy must be drunk:


Marjorie said...

hahaha i love them!! I almost died laughing at the first two my stomach hurts!
that last one just made me feel bad for the guy!

ps. i'm totally going to remember Tasty Tuesday tomorrow, and I'm going to try to add a linky if you do it again or want to submit one of your previous posts.

Poof said...

I know, but don't you totally feel bad now since we made our own news video and found out how difficult it is?!! What if we had been live? Oi.

Poof said...

PS. I just recommended your services to a business that needs to make some vids. You need a logo and business name like your brother, Mirak.

Poof said...

PS. Do get the sense that I've had too much caffeine?