Jun 15, 2011

Going To The Dogs

Guest Writer:  Ruth Morse
Since Jim had a heart attack in January, we've tried to watch what we eat. Take the time to read all the labels in the grocery, to check out fat grams, calories, sodium, look for the dreaded "high fructose corn syrup." What gives with high fructose corn syrup? When you pick up a jar of barbecue sauce or ketchup and the very first ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, slam that junk back on the shelf and back away from the display very, very fast.

We eat a lot more fish [poached salmon is yummy!] and a lot more chicken. Use ground turkey as a substitute for beef whenever possible.
But Jim does love his hot dogs.

Our favorite brand--John F. Martin & Sons-- comes from Lancaster, PA. We get them at Pine Ridge Grocery, the Mennonite place in Bainbridge, NY. Man, are they good! Man, do they have lots of fat grams!

Maybe we should try some turkey hot dogs, me thinks. One shopping day........
I found turkey hot dogs in the deli case, but right next to them was a new product: FAT FREE BEEF HOT DOGS, made by BallPark Franks. Hey, we've had regular BallPark Franks and they were pretty good, so I dug deep into the wallet and bought a package of the FAT FREE ones.  They cost a LOT more than the fat laden kind. I guess removing fat involves a lot of extra work, huh? Why else would they cost more?

Buried deep in our freezer at home was part of a package of John F. Martin & Sons franks. It had been gathering freezer burn since long before Jim's episode in January. Poor man had not had anything remotely like a hot dog for a very long time.  I had a bright idea! Jim could grill the rest of the JFM hot dogs and throw a couple of the FAT FREE ones on the grill on, too, and we could do a taste comparison.
Oh gag, yuck, bleccchhh, gag, pflew! Did I say GAG?

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT NOT NOT buy the fat free kind.
  • Where was the flavor?
  • Where was the texture?
  • Where was the snap when you bite?
None of the above were there. You'd be better off eating liver baby food.

There. That's my cost savings tip for today. Save your wallet and save your taste buds.
But what am I doing to do with the rest of this package of FF franks? Maybe we wouldn't taste them if I buried them deep in a pot of baked beans. Maybe they would taste better if I deep fried them.....
...and one more thing......
uh, I'll get back to you when I remember it.
The Cheap Senior Citizen is a Guest Writer who occasionally shares helpful hints she has learned through her experience.

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Anonymous said...

Anything fat-free is HORRIBLE!!!!

And certainly NOT FREE!!!!

Very xpensive!!!