Jul 27, 2011

David: Seeking a Heart Like His

I'm studying the life of David using Beth Moore's David study guide.  I also purchased the videos, one session at a time, from Lifeway and I can watch them at home, at my leisure.

What she said on the video today -- what I've been studying all week -- is exactly what I've been struggling with and with which I've been trying to find some direction.  I've been questioning myself as to why I'm not spiritually productive and why I have nothing to offer when I find someone who is thirsty and hungry for abundant life.... peace...redemption.  I know what I believe and have experienced with God, but as for firm, tangible promises to offer, I find I am sadly lacking and I sound empty and hollow, faithless.

Looking at II Samuel 7: 28 where David is saying to God, "Your words are trustworthy."

Beth Moore said:

Do you know the promises of God?  Do you even know them?  I'm not talking down to you.  I lived this life.  I lived a very religious life in a very Christian culture.  But let me tell you, you can't just pat over on this book (the Bible) and say "I believe in the Word."  I'm asking you:  What is in it?  Not just like "I believe whatever's in it."  Really?  What??  What are the words?  I'm not just asking you "Do you know the Word of God, I'm asking you do you know some of his actual words with an 's' on the end.

The difference in the New Testament Greek word logos which is the Word was made flesh and made His dwelling among us and rhema -- if my words abide in you and you abide in me.  Words.  It's the distinction that Vine's Dictionary makes, for instance, the difference between the Word (Bible) in its entirety and words in their specific denomination, their specific application to the life.  Anybody getting that with me?  What has He promised you?  Because how can we say  "Your words are trustworthy" if we don't even know them?  Do you know what we can ask Him for?  Do we know what the possibilities are?  Do we know words? .... Do we pursue a knowledge of the words of Christ?  Are we storing some of them up in us? Are we looking under the New Testament -- the New Covenant -- what is available to us?  What has God promised us? .... You cannot fulfill the destiny you could have in Christ with a low estimation of the power of God's words.

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