Jul 23, 2011

Michele Bachmann in South Carolina

When I got to hear Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann in person, it was under the Big Tent.  I'm sure there's no irony there.  It was a mild June morning, Tuesday July 19, during a summer Columbia wasn't liberally passing out mild mornings. Not too hot, a nice breeze, cold water.  The set-up was good, but the sub conscious Big Tent thing kept nagging me.

The SC Christian Chamber of Commerce presentation started 20 minutes late and then commanded 20 more minutes of commercials for our sponsors - Christ Central Ministries and the SC Christian Chamber of Commerce.

The crowd looked to be close to 200, mostly white.  I counted 5 black people, one of which was security.  There was a handful that appeared to be homeless, one of which was increasingly boisterous and finally removed.  The crowd seemed to be mostly middle class whites, a lot of politicians, an excited group of college kids, 2 people wearing stunningly official plastic name badges and Adam Beam.

Michele spent the previous night at the Governor's Mansion and had the glow - and the manicure - of a woman who was up all night at a sleep-over with her besties.  “I am so impressed with the governor you have put into that office," she said, "and I’m extremely proud of her.”

When Michele finally took the podium, it was 15 minutes before I had to leave for a prior engagement.  In my 15 minute window, I got to hear about Michele's background and just one policy statement - that marriage is between one man and one woman and that the family is what will revive America. 

Bachmann refreshingly believes that the way to solve problems in America is not more government programs, but to restore the family and to address the issue of poverty through education.  It's not surprising she began her speech addressing the two strong suits of our sponsors.  "Human beings are the heart and soul of South Carolina!"  She cheered.  "What I heard in these cultural indicators:  You said, 'No more putting blinders on. We recognize a problem and we will be the solution.'"

Referring to the government assistance programs put forth in the '60's, Bachmann determined, "Now is the time to get the report card.  How have these programs been working for us?  We see it's not working too good."

I agree so I nodded and sadly had to leave, so I have no idea what other beliefs she holds dear.  But the pamphlet her peeps handed out boasts the following:
  • leading advocate for tax reform
  • staunch proponent of adherence to the Constitution
  • introduced the End Tax Uncertainty Act which will repeal the gift and estate tax, reduce the corporate tax rate to 25% and reduce income tax rates on capital gains
  • introduced legislation stopping the $105 billion in mandatory funding secretly added in ObamaCare



Jonika said...

Wish I could have been there, she's right on!

Jill said...

Love her intimation that she has a "titanium" spine. Sharp lady, would love to see her win the Primaries.