Jul 6, 2011

Europe, American Samoa and Beyond!

American Samoa is a 20 hour plane ride from my house.  I know this because my son, a stonecarver, would like to go there and learn to hand-chisel and, of course, if anybody's going anywhere, I want to go with them.  American Samoa is the size of Aiken County -- maybe 65,000 people -- and contributes the largest percent of NFL football players, more than any state in the USA.  I want to know why, people, I want to know.  So..... (grabs world map, red pen and circles it boldly) I'm ready to go with my son.

And Europe?  Well, I need at least one of my children to do the cliched backpack trip across Europe, it's an experience they all should have had.  But now I'm down to one child still in school -- still, so-to-speak, unmarried.  It's up to her to fulfill my dreams and she plans we plan to do so this Summer.  She will backpack across Europe, I will chaperone.  Besides, I can carry a heavier load than her.  I'm sure I'll be invaluable.....
  Besides II, the Gilmore Girls did it and they are our heroes...... Heroines.  And guess what --  I've already learned one doesn't "backpack across Europe" anymore, one "flashpacks across Europe."  It has something to do with smart phones, ipods and GPS.  So, of course, we're going to Flashpack across Europe.

(Having tea at Cousin Barb's outside Salzberg)

So I've got traveling on my mind during this hot Summer of wedding planning.   I'm saving my pennies and brushing up on my German.  Dusting off my backpack and devising long letters to Cousin Barb, Murat and Alissa Hood requesting permission to Couch Surf. 

(Couchsurfing on a stranger's couch in Munich)

If you have any advice, must-see or must-do lists, please send them my way. Or any relatives willing to let us crash on their couch, that would be good, too.

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