Jul 22, 2011

Flashback Friday: Patti's 5th Grade Journal

For today's Flashback Friday, and because Patti turns 25 today, I have been reading through Patti's 5th grade journal. It is quite revealing.  For instance, on February 25th of that year, she was riding with Connie when they got pulled by the po-po.  I never knew that.  Patti describes in vivid detail Connie handing over her license and then she writes, "She told me that she should of..."  I flipped the page.  Nothing.  Nothing!! The page is torn out!

Her April 16 entry was prophetic.  "Guess what!?  I'm gonna work for a lawyer.  She's my mom's best friend.  Her name is Jackie Busbee.  You may know her from Monday when she came to school. I'm gonna be a prosecutor when I grow up.  A prosecutor is a lawyer who goes in court.  I hope I don't get even shyer than I am now!...

Another day:  "Yesterday mom and Ms. Connie went shopping all day!!"

"Last night Marci and I went to G.A.'s which can stand for two things:  One of them is more popular.  Girls in Action or Girls with the Right Attitude."

My grandma is wonderful!!
She lets me do almost anything I want!

Another entry reads, "Today is a big mystery.  My dad left a poem for my mom about some pig book and obey what you hear.  Last time dad left a poem, she had to look under every coke machine to find a cassette tape and then do what the tape said.  This time, she's got to go to the library.  Gosh, I'm glad I don't have to do that!"

She tells of going to Chuck E. Cheese with Bart and Will and when Bart cut Will's hair.  Times of lifting Grayson above the fence so they could watch the neighbor's basketball game.  Times when Hope came over or Marci or Kaci.  Of playing school with her sister Marj and how she single handedly taught her to read and do "mathe problems."

I can feel her joy when she writes, "Today is a very good day, 'cuz I see Ms. Price putting food cups on the table, you know what that means!!"  Her righteous indignation when "Tommy gets to get out of school at 2:30 just to go to Myrtle Beach with the rest of his Karate group.  That's no fair!  I'm gonna ask my piano teacher to take me on a trip at 2:30!!"

I get a sense of the times when she writes, "Sunday I went to work with my dad at 8:00 pm because they had a computer error and needed him.  We went up to the 20th floor to a spaceship room.  It reminded me of a spaceship!!"

Today my mom and dad came to school and showed people our new baby goats.  Baby goats are very fun, you can bring them in your room and they'll jump on your bed!!  I like having goats very much.

My mom wouldn't want me to have a Howler's monkey from Central or South America for a pet.  She read that they're the noisiest land animal around.

Today my grandma is getting a new Mustang car.  (Utto.  We all know how that ends)

Happy Birthday, Punkinhead!!

You did it! 
 You became a lawyer! 

Patti's 22nd birthday.


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday to my beautifuly grandaughter------we are so proud of her and her accomplishments.
P.S. Shhhhhhhhh but I hope I'M the "wonderful grandmother", I'll pretend that I am anyway!!

~Connie said...

Interesting ... the 'flash backs' ... I wonder who the Connie was that got pulled over??? And ... who ripped out 'the rest of the story'!!