Aug 17, 2011

Mat Kearney: Young Love CD Review

The delightful ladies at the One2OneNetwork recently sent me a copy of Mat Kearney's new CD "Young Love" to review and I nearly squealed with delight the morning it arrived at the post office.

I popped that baby in my car CD player and found it so incredibly wonderful that I carried it around with me, car-to-house, house-to-car for three days straight, listening on repeat, driving, perhaps, some folks crazy.......

Young Love.  It does that to people.

Kearney's "Young Love" hit the stores August 2nd, instantly claiming the #1 spot on iTunes, bumping the beloved Adele from the spot she so often resides.

Young Love has a couple of songs that surprised me with hip hop overtones I don't normally associate with Kearney, but they were suggestive, creative, playful and absolutely wonderful.  I expect creativity from an artist like Kearney and this album is full of creativity.

The most popular song on Young Love is "Hey Mama," which describes the time Kearney met the woman who became his wife.  It's peppy.... fun.... but not my favorite.

Like "Hey Mama," most of songs on this CD are, Kearney admits, inspired from his personal life.  I think that's what makes it so good -- so real -- lyrics that touch your heart.   "Ships in the Night" is, to me, a gut-wrenching song about relationships and is almost my favorite song on the album.  It sounds quite personal and Kearney gets really, really personal with the final cut, "Rochester," a song about his dad.

"Count On Me," my absolute favorite cut, is an awesome song with both in-your-face lyrics and beat.  An in-your-face song that can bring tears to your eyes.  Now that takes talent.  Wait 'til you hear his back-up singers on that one, too, argh! I wanna pinch their cheeks!

Kearney recorded this in Nashville, which makes me wonder.... since Nashville is where I met Kearney earlier this year..... y'know.... maybe he wrote a song about me.... like.... say.... maybe "Young Dumb and in Love"......"I'm talking too much and you don't make a sound // The prettiest face and those rock-a-bye baby browns // All I've waited for has come true...."    {{cough}}   OK, so maybe not.   It's possible, slightly possible that he didn't even notice me there with Michelle Branch all in between us like that.

Pop on over to the iTunes page for Young Love and listen to some of these songs, you'll be in love with Young Love, I promise.  Or click here to get a coupon to get the best buy on Young Love at Best Buy for $5.99.

I have to warn you, my noise sensitive (read: surfing sites at work while supposed to be working) readers, if you go to, linked here and on his name above, it is an audio-embedded site.  In other words, when you land on his site, a song will start playing.  Immediately.  When you click a link, the song will start over.  When you click another link, the song will start over again.  Get the picture?  There is a small pause button at the top with which you can silence the music if necessary.
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Disclosure:  One2One Network provided me with a copy of Young Love to review on my blog. All opinions are 100% mine. I am not otherwise compensated for this review, but will be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift card. 


Philip said...

No BestBuy in Wagener, so I went ahead and bought the album from iTunes after reading your review! Good stuff, as usual, from Mr. Kearney.

~Connie said...

Love the voice ... love the review! Good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

It's OK, but is it worth a $1092.50fine in "The City 'O Lights"!? :)

Fern said...

Went out and bought my Matt Kearney CD, listened to it as I was driving around town today, had a neat beat and got me feeling loved!!! I'm glad I bought it and had my BestBuy Coupon, better savings yet!!!