Aug 8, 2011

Savor Every Moment on the Wedding Day

In the months prior to the wedding, several people warned me to enjoy the day -- live in the moment -- when the wedding day finally arrives.  "You'll get busy with emergency things and get stressed over details and the day will pass fast," they warned, "Try to stay in the moment and experience every minute."

So I did.
I issued girly-girl squeals over the bride and bridesmaids adorable robes they wore ALL DAY on the wedding day.  I laughed as they wore them around town.  I waggled my eyebrows as the slits revealed a lot of thigh.  I did silly faces when we had hair and makeup complete....

I fist-pumped the Groom's Flash cake and blushed when he opened his Flash boxers.

I snapped to attention when Bridezilla issued orders.  Orders and commands that weren't hindered by domestic duties like hair appointments and such.

I smiled encouragingly and snapped photos like crazy when the girls had bad-hair moments and times of complete frazzled emotional breakdowns.  I was there for 'em.  In every single minute.

I lived every second of that day to its fullest.

Even the dawn moment when Father of the Bride did a little de-stressing on the lake.

I paused.  I smiled and felt warm fuzzies.  Awwwww.  Sweet, sweet man, I said to myself.

I wallowed in watching my soon-to-be daughter-in-law holding a newborn.  And holding.  And holding.  She would not let that baby go!

And I fully experienced that moment and fully decided I am SO ready for more grandchildren.

I was fully in each moment around the table with wonderful family members I haven't seen in awhile.  Just smiling and loving on each other.

I was fully, completely in the moment when my son, brother of the bride came down to see his sister privately before the ceremony.  I was fully there as my tears of pride and joy and love and all things warm and fuzzy ran down my face.

I was so stinkin' fully there in each and every moment right smack up until the moment when.........
..... tune in tomorrow (here) for the rest of the story.


Anonymous said...

Okay - that's just mean. Until what?!?!?

Kim said...

I am sitting in Starbucks (not the one where we met, but a quieter one closer to my house) and I'm laughing and crying at the same time! I was right there with ya! Thanks for sharing! :) And get on with the rest of the story, will ya??

Ruth said...

A good author always leaves you hanging, always leaves you wanting more, leaves you waiting in anticipation!