Aug 3, 2011

In Which Mr. Kimball Hooks Us Up to the Internets

"This was the moment I'd been dreading for the past six months.  Well, actually for the past 25 years."

"Who presents this woman? This woman?  But she's not a woman. She's just a kid. And she's leaving us....."  

We're in full blown wedding mode.....

Doing all kinds of crazy things to prepare for one big day.  One very, very, very big day.

     Writing this....
.....Computing that.
   Going here....
....Leaving there.  

Rearranging this....
... Hiding that....

             Sending this . . .
 . . . Receiving that.

And right after I threatened to smash into a stupid, stupid driver, my car broke down.  Is that what they call karma?

"Mama," Patti asked me in the middle of the day, "Can I spend the night with you one last time?"

So she did.

And she gathered us around for one last movie night.

Classic Steve Martin.
A few laughs, a few tears.

Mr. Kimball Robby set us up with a movie over the internet via his XBox.

Tom made his famous ice cream floats.

An Xbox instant message from Li'l Buddy appeared on our screen!
{sob} It was almost like he was right there with us.

Such a tender moment.
Halfway through the movie...

The internet went out on us again.

Sometimes living on the farm can be a real pain.

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Mom said...

How sweet that Poppy wanted to spend "one last night", very special and looks like a fun evening. You're all crazy!