Sep 22, 2011

Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA

I got a peek at Piedmont Park on my last trip to Atlanta when I visited the Atlanta Botanical Gardens which is located at the top of the park.  The Gardens were wonderful, it was a great visit, but since I missed the entire park, I decided to return on my most recent stop in Atlanta.

We were staying at Loews so a walk to the park was definitely feasible, maybe a 5-block walk........
  I resisted the strong urge to rent a bicycle just outside the park's entrance and I proceded on foot.  I had been working all day and was ready for some fresh air and exercise, it was perfect.  There was a handful of creepy looking men lurking about, but not too threatening with all the dog walkers, joggers and cyclists around.  The walk around the pond was great exercise and a very pretty walk.

 On the second day I walked through the park, the producers of the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting" were filming a shoot at the pool.  Read about that experience right here.

The Park has a swimming pool, tennis, basketball and bocce (!!) courts, huge dog park, kids playground and jogging track.  Tons of green space for picnics and games of frisbee or what-not, plus an oval sports field (permit required) for soccer, softball and volleyball.   Fishing is allowed in the pond off the docks, fishing license required.

 There's a cute and adorable garden maintained by children from which they sell produce in a farm market type thing at the park on certain days.

 So... on your next visit.... have at it -- take a walk in the park!

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