Sep 14, 2011

What to Expect When You're Expecting

OK, so I don't know how it happens, but it always seems when I travel, I just stumble across all kinds of fun stuff.  I don't go looking for it (usually), I just somehow find it.

So Tom and I went to Atlanta recently and we went for a walk in Piedmont Park.  Everybody does it.  Not a big deal.

We rounded a corner and spotted a man in a bathrobe just like the ones we used at Loew's in our motel room.  This man was riding around the park on the back of a golf cart in a luxurious bath robe like he's some kind of superstar or lunatic.  So of course that got our attention.....

We mocked him and walked on....  Until we came upon the park's historic and beautiful pool house and pool where we found Mr. Bathrobe himself walking majestically around the pool.

We observed for a bit and I sighed, "My gosh, he's majestic."  70 people fluttering around, yet nobody touched him.  Nobody spoke to him.  He pranced, people.  Head held high -- see it??  And pranced like he WAS somebody.   I so wanted to go put him in his place.

But we took notice.  And found a water camera and a sidewalk moving camera under black tarps - check them out!

What the heck is go is going on here?  So we observed some more.  I wanted to find out who Mr. Majestic was.  What we discovered  the security guy told us before he removed us from the property was that this was part of the filming of the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting. starring Cameron Diaz and Dennis Quaid.  (I know, right!  What is he, the grandpa or great grandpa??)
So before leaving the property, I sneaked in a video of a shoot!  Check it out:  (notice the "extra" in red coming in from the side.  I think she blew her part.  I SO could have done that better!)

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Ruth said...

They didn't want you for an extra? I am shocked!!