Dec 29, 2011

The Blizzard of 1990

This is an early Flashback Friday because our Guest Writer, the Cheap Senior Citizen, has her regularly scheduled post for tomorrow.

During the Christmas holiday, with the kids home more and with us taking more time off work, we spent a lot of time looking at old VHS home videos.  It's been so much fun.  I suspect in the next two months you will see a few home videos converted to digital for your amusement...... like this one.

Two teenage boys in Upstate New York enjoy the Blizzard of 1990.
Featuring TroutU's Prof. Steve and Planet Pookie's infamous Cousin David with a cameo appearance from Nana.  Also, a quick peek at NY's beloved dog "Chain" who was tragically killed off Hwy. 302 soon after his retirement to the South.


Anonymous said...

And those two guys are just as crazy today as they were that day!

Anonymous said...

these 2 crazy dudes. and to think that they actually found wives.
1 each that is!!


Joyce said...

Of course, you may not remember how it happened that David's father sent the boys out back to clean off the roof while he used the heavy snowblower to make many swipes up our long hill of a driveway and also clean off the front sidewalk. He wasn't real excited to find out that it only took the boys a few minutes to clean off the roof before making the video! And, those young kds could have been struggling with the snowblower............ :-)