Jan 2, 2012

Dakar 2012

The Dakar Rally started once again on January 1.   So I'm a little busy over at The Race Shop trying to keep up with it all.  Between it and my health problems, this blog might get a little slow.

I apologize.... the following links are dead links because James has closed The Race Shop.  He appreciates all the customers he has had over the years.  I am in the process of retrieving all blog posts that were on the site, but I don't have them yet.

Race Shop owner James Embro has returned to the Dakar and left me here.  Read more on his adventure with these links:

Dakar 2012 James Embro Day One
Dakar 2012 James Embro Day Two
Great Video Review Dakar 2012 Day Two

James in Argentina, photo courtesy Leandro Garcia

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