Jan 17, 2012

Disappointment at the Presidential Campaign Rally in Aiken SC

The Aiken County Republican Party and the Greater CSRA Conservative Coalition promised this:

and delivered this:

A Newt.
That's it.  Newt Gingrich.
I felt snookered.
The old bait and switch.....

Oh, I maintained a pleasant demeanor.
As I sat in the Dunce's corner.

I think some heads are gonna roll tonight.  This was a big event. Most, if not all, of the candidates were expected and promoted to be present, yet only Newt Gingrich was actually there.  In a crowd of 1000, 99.9% white and one liberal (E.J. Dionne), Newt Gingrich had the stage uncontested and was practically salivating.

Washington Post's E.J. Dionne with Tom Sliker

Newt gave a comedic opening speech and then settled in for some Q&A.

  • medicaid fraud
  • illegal immigrants
  • health care

Newt giggled as he explained the gap between the world that works and the world that fails:  Fed Ex and UPS works, US government fails.
 "The US government can't find 11 million illegal immigrants."  Gingrich smilingly suggested that we use the same technology that tracks a UPS or Fed Ex package to find illegal immigrants -- just "send a package to everyone who is here illegally.  For $9.95 each, you can find them all."

In between sarcastic metaphors, Gingrich peppered his speech with the name Reagan, concluding, "I am the one candidate in this election who has the background to know how to win an election."

Bah. I didn't come here to hear Newt Gingrich.  I wanted to hear from some of the others.  We packed up our Ron Paul signs and went home halfway through Newt's Q&A.   Ron Paul's representatives said he had to stay in Columbia tonight as he was receiving some senate endorsements to be named tomorrow.

It wasn't a wasted night.  We had a moment of silence in honor of slain Aiken officer Scotty Richardson.  We had fun talking with other Republicans.  It was encouraging to see so many Ron Paul supporters.  The music was great -- Kristie Hutson with the Waters Edge band and a few songs by Leon Everette.  The flag was awesome - provided by Satcher Ford.  

But as I left the crowd early, dragging my Ron Paul signs into the dark night, I wanted to point my finger at the event organizers and do a Wilson:  "You lie!"

Don't anybody tell me that more candidates showed up after I left.

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Denise said...

Ron Paul probably fell asleep in flight and didn't get off the plane, you didn't miss much. At least Newt cared enough to show up.