Jan 21, 2012

Long Live the Queen

I've been having a lot of strange health issues for a few months now and in December it got debilitating, forcing me to visit the doctors.  Each doctor was stumped, scratched his head and forwarded me to another specialist.  The main problem remains undiagnosed, but in the meantime we discovered another problem - that of high platelets and both red and white cell counts.  I had a bone marrow test and spent two weeks anxiously waiting for the results and considering, of course, that my life would soon be shortened. 

Going through something like that is sort of like a mental or spiritual cleanse.  As I reflected, I realized I could go either way -- live or die.  I have no regrets, have lived almost every minute to the fullest (as recorded here), didn't put anything off to do later, etc.  The only sorrow I had was leaving people I love and missing an upcoming trip to Europe with Marj.  I have a strong faith in God through Jesus Christ, I believe strongly in the spiritual realm and that God himself has a definite plan for my life.  I strive to live in His will and plan and I had confidence and peace that I was marching right along in line with His desire.  (Likewise, there have been times I knew I was living outside His plan and did not have peace.)

So yesterday when I went to get the bone marrow test results......
I wasn't too anxious, I was kind of fine with it all.  I just wanted to know one way or the other.  And guess what?   It's not leukemia.  It's some other crazy long, termed blood cancer that basically means "your body is making too many platelets and we don't know why."  It puts me at high risk for stroke and blood clots, so if you have any advice on how to avoid those, let me know.

I hit the road to spread the good news.
 My parents were quite happy:

My sister and brother-in-law were..... um..... happy, I think.  He might be re-thinking something or other.  "Wait, what?"

Even Cousin David looked relieved.  But that might have been the pizza.

My nephew and his wife were very, very happy 'cause they think I'm pretty cool.

My brother and his wife were happy.  She, more than he, it appears.   Oh wait, no he was in pain during this photo, tremendous back pain, so he is simply stoic.  I'm sure he is very happy for me.

And that concludes the photos from my "Stayin' Alive" party in Charlotte, NC.
Looks like there will be a few more years of Planet Pookie.


Steve Hyde said...

Hey, There was no wait for me. I am so very happy for the better report for you. You are special.

Mom said...

I can't begin to tell the world how thankful I am for what the Lord has done. A lot, lot, lot of time was spent in prayer for Val we love our daughter and couldn't even imagine losing her. Truly the Lord is good. We loved having her here to celebrate with us 'tho way to short a time. We love you honey!!

Jen said...

I am so thankful that i get to have many more years with you! Praising God for everything He is doing in your life!! I love you!