Feb 2, 2012

Mitt Romney Sees His Shadow

Happy Ground Hog Day Weasel Day.  Mitt Romney sees his shadow:  it's going to be a long election process.

Seriously, just as I was hitting my alarm clock off, Mika said the words Happy Groundhog Day on The Morning Joe blaring off the TV screen.  How many times did Bill Murray hit his alarm clock as TV announcers welcomed him to Groundhog Day?  I waited a moment to make sure I wasn't in an unending movie myself then I rolled over and woke up.

My faltering wake-up quickly elevated to an energetic wake-up.  Yes!  Romney was allowed to speak off script again!  The pundits were going crazy over Romney's sound bite
“I'm not concerned about the very poor.” 
Oh, this is going to be good.  I love it when Romney's allowed to speak off the cuff.

I looked out the window to see where I woke up.  Tampa.   We had been at Palm Coast, West Palm and Punta Gorda in the past four days and were now heading to Ocala and Gainesville.  Although we were in Florida during the Republican Primary rally, a/k/a “the tea party vs the cocktail party,” our business was not in politics.

Exiting the lobby, I grabbed a hot coffee, the Wall Street Journal and a USA Today......
  Headlines?  74 people killed at a soccer match in Egypt, the deadliest in Egyptian history.  Why on earth do people still go to soccer games overseas?  I can't wrap my mind around the amount of violence required at a sports match to result in 74 deaths.  I also can't wrap my mind around the amount of money pro sports requires.  Imagine if that kind of money when into our public schools.

Then I checked the weather.  While Eastern America is puzzled by the warm – even hot - weather this winter, Eastern Europe is experiencing a polarizing freeze.  Helicopters are evacuating people in Serbia and Bosnia while the death toll rose to 89 last night.  Over 100 deaths.  From frigid weather.  While the warm weather in America is creating a tornado problem.

Northbound on I-75 I flipped to the Wall Street Journal's Op/Ed and that's when I began to get seriously happy.  This delicious subtitle (what bliss!): “What Mitt Really Meant:  this may become a long-running interpretive series.”   I got warm fuzzies all over, creased the page open and put on my reading glasses.

Yes, this was going to be a good day indeed.

Postscript:  3 hours later I found myself stranded in a booked hotel with no reservations and abandoned there for the whole day with no vehicle.

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