Feb 11, 2012

Sugar Chef Cupcakes

Sugar Chef
600 S. Rosemary Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL

First let me say this:

Can you imagine such a thing?
Also called.... Oh.... maybe


When I visited Sugar Chef, I was not aware that the uber talented and multi-award winning sugar chef Jennifer Ladisky offered a tasting studio.  Well d'oh, I would have attended.  In my blissful ignorance, I attended instead the lovely Sugar Chef storefront at Cityplace in West Palm Beach.

This?  Is a cake!!

Sugar Chef is the first cupcake joint.......
I've reviewed that offers filled cupcakes. I had never heard of such a thing before. Of course, the filling bumps the price up a buck or more, but still – worth it -- if you are a special needs cupcake person as myself.
The monsterous size of the cupcakes put me in awe. These things are huge, plan to share.  You can get traditional cupcakes if you'd like, but you'll find it hard to pass up these monster sized filled cupcakes. Because I'm not a millionaire, I had to limit my purchase to just two of the filled monster cupcakes.

I purchased the Key Lime Pie and the best-seller Cookie Monster.

Zombie-like, I exited the shop, took the nearest seat and withdrew the luscious contents of my bag.

The Key Lime was perfect. Moist key lime flavored butter cake filled with mildly tangy key lime pie and  topped with vanilla whipped Italian buttercream icing with swirly bits of twirled ribbon. After a few dreamy bites, I reached the interior, the creamy key lime pie.  Incredible.

I could only eat half, which was nice because I have a lot of people who enjoy sampling with me. I sampled the Cookie Monster cupcake some time the next day. Because it was a day later, it wasn't quite as moist, but was still excellent.  The Cookie Monster is a vanilla bean cupcake filled with oreo cheesecake.... (do I need to pause and let you catch your breath?)... topped with rich fudge icing and crushed oreo cookies.

In my wildest dreams I never knew such a magnificent thing existed.

I left the two leftover halves at my mother-in-law's for my sister-in-law to sample. She has done two other cupcake reviews for me and I felt she deserved a treat.

Sugar Chef is individually owned, not a franchise. The bakery is located down the shore a bit in Del Ray and can be visited via appointment. That is where the true magic happens. The cupcake storefront is cute and airy, but small with no indoor seating. Order online at SugarChefCupcakes.com.

Another Display Cake:

And Another:

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If you find yourself in West Palm Beach, FL, by all means, visit the Sugar Chef.

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