Feb 13, 2012

Today Was Good, Today Was Fun; Tomorrow Is Another One

So I headed east, crossed the Wateree, surprised to see it full of bare winterized hardwoods instead of the usual SC pines.  I resisted the urge to visit Pearl Fryar in Bishopville and threw a hard a left at I-95. With exceptional finesse, I navigated around all the fast food restaurants that litter the Lumber River Basin and found myself passing Elizabethtown. {{smile}}  I love that movie.  I found myself planning a movie night as soon as I got back home.

Notice how I didn't even mention passing South of the Border?

I spent the last half of my day today northbound, fast and furious, with the gps set for NASA Headquarters, Washington DC.....
  Tomorrow is the #NASATweetUp with @Astro_Ron, where he is allegedly going to unveil a surprise video for a limited, select few, such as..... hmmmm.... me.  The excitement is building.

In other news.....  Republican Caucuses.  Isn't it crazy how Santorum has gathered momentum?!  I love it! The only thing for sure in this race is that nothing is for sure.  And look at old Gingrich, tossed to the side like a soggy tomato in the Ceasar salad of life.

Much to my delight, Romney had "a severely bad week,"  bambino povero.  (I'm learning Italian)  (How'd I do?)  Romney had a better Saturday in Maine after his crummy, lousy, no-good, terrible week, but still.

So.  There are several polls out and here's where they say we stand:

Santorum 30%, Romney 28%, Gingrich 17% and Paul 12%.
Unless you look at another poll and see this:
Romney 32%, Santorum 30%, Gingrich 16% and Paul 8%.
Unless, of course, you look at another poll and see this:
Santorum 33%, Romney 27%, Gingrich 21% and paul 12%.

The seat is still up for grabs and I say Ron Paul can still make a brilliant come back.  Or not.

Can't wait for tomorrow!  See you there.  Oh?  And if it snows in Washington tomorow?  This South Carolina girl will be in BIG trouble.  South Carolinians cannot drive in snow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey maybe you could interview the "Pres" while you're there!