Mar 14, 2012

Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, TN

On a recent trip to Nashville, I stopped in Chattanooga to stretch my legs.  All those billboards for Rock City (!!) and See Ruby Falls (now!!) got to me.  I hung a hard left and began the ascent up LookOut Mountain with the promise of, not just Ruby Falls, but also a Starbucks at the peak.

I took the 20-buck cave tour to see Ruby Falls, America's highest underground waterfall.   It was absolutely stunning.  Despite being in a crowd of tourists including the proverbial crying kid and screaming, swatting mom who is quite sure she is getting ripped off and the whole world is out to get her, it was well worth the time and money spent.

I would do it again in a heartbeat and this time, take people with me.

Enjoy these pictures as a glimpse of what you'll see when you go.....

Ruby Falls:

See the tiny heads of my tour guide and his trainees:


But most beautiful of all.....

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