Apr 6, 2012

FlashBack Friday: Forgive Your Enemies Easter Egg Hunt

For this Flashback Friday, I smiled as I re-read my Easter Egg Hunt post from April of 2009.  That was a very unusual Easter.  ~ Enjoy!

april, 2009 flashback.....
So we took the kids to the Egg Hunt at our church this past weekend.
I'm sure it was just an oversight or something or just simply two different announcements on one church sign, but our church sign ended up proudly proclaiming:

"Forgive Your Enemies Easter Egg Hunt"
And, well, OK, I'm all about forgiving my enemies and all, but this seemed a particularly harsh theme for a little kids Easter Egg Hunt.

and kind of a pie in the sky policy when some little snot nosed, sticky fingered mean boy has a death grip on your candy filled egg, but OK, give it a shot.....
But when your hard earned egg opens up to reveal nothing, well, that, my friend, is tough to swallow. In an interesting turn of events, at this particular hunt, the eggs were empty. The kids were perplexed.
 "Ha!" I wanted to scream, "Ha! That is how I feel 3 months into the Obama Presidency!! It's just like opening an empty egg!!"
But really, that's not the point of my story. (They did give the children tons of candy, fun and games, it was a GREAT time, please, no nasty emails) (not sure why the empty eggs though?) but the point of this story is who I caught looking for eggs off in the distance, all kinda sneaky-like:

It's Jennifer Smith and you bet she was rifling through the grass for eggs to put in her li'l wicker basket.

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