Apr 5, 2012

Beautiful Hats of Hats Off Boutique

While at the Live Oak International, Ocala, FL on March 24th, I was saddened by the lack of hats at this horsing event.  As we approached, visions of ladies in elegant hats and fluttering hand fans danced in my head.  I imagined chivalrous gentlemen in their pastel finest sipping drinks from crystal decanters. I thought I might even see someone swoon.
It was not to be.

As with church, opera and the ballet, spectators of horsing events have slipped into a lazy mess of what I call "Walmartesque."  By that I mean, they seem to have rolled out of bed, wiped the sleepies from their eyes and jumped into the car....

I was saved, however, by visiting the artisan tents where I got to "oooh" and "aahh" over some fancy hats after all. 

These hats are gorgeous.  I watched enthralled as the ladies tried them on and confirmed their purchases.  I wish I had written down their comments.  It was classic.

Sherri Lower
Williston, FL

Sunny spring day in FL:
  • hearty breeze
  • live oaks
  • Spanish moss
  • horse driven carts 
  • and at last.... fancy hats!
The horsing event itself was fantastic, you'll hear more about that in an upcoming post.

On our way out, we saw this wonderful Bumper Sticker:
 My hobby is driving me buggy.

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