Mar 29, 2012

Best Baskets Ever!

Cindy Cook O'Reilly with WCC World Class Carriages out of Cameron, NC works with the Fair Trade organization and the ladies in Africa who make these awesome baskets.  Cindy had a booth set up at the Live Oak International in Ocala FL.  Tom and I stopped by to watch the horse and buggies compete on March 24 and when we browsed the market tents, I fell in love with these baskets.

That thick handle?  Is wrapped with leather!  You know it's not going to tear the first time you have a heavy load.

I like handcrafted.
I like fair trade.

Tom bought me my favorite basket for my birthday (4 months away).  Does that mean I should have bought him the horse buggy he was admiring?

Upon leaving, Tom carried our chairs and waters; I, my basket swinging jauntily from my arm.
So um, I have to wait til my birthday to use my basket?

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