Mar 30, 2012

Kent's Korner I-20 Exit 33 Re-Opens

Crazy busy day today with the Grand Opening of the Kent's Korner #18 Truckstop over on I-20, exit 33 - for those "in the know."


Yeah, this could have been you.

We gave out free Hunt Brothers Pizzas to any customer who looked hungry was nice to me came in the door.    Hunts Brothers Dudes maintained a great attitude all day long despite being very, very busy and hot......
And don't take that the wrong way, I mean hot-hot as in temperature from the ovens, not hot-HAWT as in, well, hottie.  No offense guys, you look good, that's not what I meant, I just meant.....

.... I need to stop before I dig in deeper.

OK, so yeah,
then I spotted my friend, James Bailey....

....of Bailey's Tire.
Tires.  Cars.   Me. 
Are you getting the picture now?

Yeah, he's bailed me out many times.  He even delivered tires to me on the side of the road one time.   

So, yeah, he got free pizza.
This man deserves free pizza.

But this guy?:

Ummmmmm YEAH he was my favorite.  Anybody that would do this all day on a hot sunny day for hundreds of people?  He deserves a gold medal.

Speaking of gold medals, these ladies deserve many.  They were outrageously busy.

I browsed the store.
I might be a little biased:

I stumbled upon these charter members of my town's Liar's Club.  They met formerly at the Kwik Karry every morning to... well... to tell lies and drink coffee.

They were dangerously close to the Cooler here.

The Liar's Club met at the Huddle House portion of Kent's Korner and were very happy with the service and the good food.  Very happy.

I loved talking to these guys.  They are from upstate New York, just like me.  The one on the left lives in Aiken now and the one on the right came down this week to visit family in Lexington.  They wanted to meet in the middle which was exactly where we were - exit 33, I-20 -- right in the middle between Lexington and Aiken, SC.

They had no idea it was our Grand Re-Opening.  They thought I just wanted their picture 'cause they are so hot like the Hunt Brothers.  

They agreed they'll be back, they loved Kent's Korner.  "I can't go to Waffle House, there's no place for my motor home.  I'll come back here because I can turn around and park my motor home easily."

I'd told him I'd catch him again when he returns.  Then I  grabbed my any-size-fountain-drink for only 25-cents and motored back home.   Love me some Kent's Korner!

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