Apr 3, 2012


I bought my husband an early birthday present.  A set of reusable toastabags.  Mainly because I like saying it:  Toastabags.  I sound all gangsta.

But also because he likes toasted sandwiches and he likes easy ways to do things.   And with this he gets both.
  • Assemble sandwich
  • Stick sandwich inside Toastabag
  • Insert Toastabag in toaster
  • Catch it when it pops back up

Tom has made one sandwich so far......
and it worked great.  There is a minimal loss of cheese as it melts to the bottom of the bag.  Clean-up is just a tad more difficult with melted cheese down in the crevice, but overall, it's minimal.

Toastabag brags that you can even put some sauce in the bag if you need to heat sauce and have no other means, but I don't think I'll try that one.  I have a microwave and a stove, I'm good.

This reminded me of my freshman year in college back when we believed hard times were good for a person's development.  We were not allowed to have any heating devices in our rooms except one electric hot plate (google it) and an iron.  So my friends and I discovered that we could wrap a cheese sandwich in foil and iron it to make grilled cheese.  That was awesome.  Until it wasn't.

So I'm picturing someone camping or something and has limited appliances.  This Toastabag could be a good thing for him or her.


Karla said...

The answer to what to give the guy who has it all!

Ruth said...

Are you sure you didn't mean to post this on April 1st?

You're kidding, right?