Apr 2, 2012

Gina and Quentin Roberts Lima Peru Inner City Ministry

"We have to give them tools to handle life and Jesus Christ is the greatest tool we could give them."

I met Gina and Quentin Roberts, inner city missionaries in Lima, Peru when they came down to Ica, Peru to help with the disaster relief a few years ago.  I was struck by their passion, compassion, sincerity, clarity... love.  As much as possible, I drew near to Gina to learn how to express the love and compassion and power of Christ to hurting people, especially in a language I did not know.

A love and compassion I struggle to show to my own husband right now, let alone a foreign stranger. I have found myself in a brittle, dusty, dry spiritual drought.  I feel like I am a walking, talking Death Valley.

Do you find it easier to express love and compassion to total strangers on a mission trip than to the people closest to you in everyday life?....

I fell in love with Gina and Quentin Roberts.  Actually, I fell more in love with Jesus Christ that week.

Through the years, I've prayed for them and their ministry and just the other day I stumbled across their ministry in a blog I was reading about an upcoming mission trip to Lima.   The blog linked to the video (linked below) and I was thrilled to see the Roberts still with the inner-city ministry, which is a very difficult ministry, harsh.  I got all kind of warm fuzzies watching them and their fellow laborers in this video.  Take a minute to watch it and see the similarities and differences in the ministry in Peru -vs- here in the states.

Watch the Video of their Ministry in Peru.

Read a great article about the early years of their ministry in Lima.
"You're not too old, you're not too young to serve God.  You're young, you're vibrant, you're energetic, you're beautiful, you're talented, you're gifted -- God can use that.  God can use you. So make yourself available." - Quentin Roberts

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Anonymous said...

Its true....we put so many expectations on our own family , but yet love strangers where they are. Thank you for the conviction in my own life....we will talk soon!