Sep 3, 2012

In Every Place by Kim L. Abernethy, Book Review

"If I could have written the ending to our short, but illustrious ministry in the country of Liberia, it would have been a softer ending, a more complete ending, a smoother ending.  But, we do not usually get to write our stories' endings.  On that fateful day of the Liberian evacuation from our home in Tappeta in March, 1990, reality slapped me soundly, reverberating to the depths of my soul."

And thus begins missionary Kim L. Abernethy's second book In Every Place.  A missionary story of God's faithfulness in West Africa and beyond.

I devoured Abernethy's first book about her missionary life in Liberia, In This Place. I eagerly awaited this sequel, so much so that I sneaked in a visit with the author and got some peeks into the book prior to publishing.

Then?  In Every Place was published just in time for my trip to Switzerland.  I found benches in the Swiss Alps where I could sit and read, pray and think.

I took the book with me across Europe to Rome.....
 I roamed the ancient city while reading Kim's book.  My mind played tricks on me ~ was I in ancient Rome waiting for Paul to be dragged down the cobblestones and put on house arrest or was I a missionary on the Ivory Coast, struggling with every breath I took?

Kim's writing will transport you to the time and place she is discussing.  Her bold honesty should propel change, encourage weary hearts and enlighten those of us stateside.

This is an excellent book - a great read, inspirational, encouraging and meditative.   It keeps you on the edge of your seat.  If you haven't read her first book, get it, too, and read it first.  But you don't have to read the first to understand the second.

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