Jan 24, 2013

Cupcake Review: Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Low Fat Chocolate Raspberry

Store:  Cupcake
Location:  1213 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC
Flavors:  Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, Low-Fat Chocolate Raspberry
Testers:  The Ladies and Gentlemen at Busbee's Truck Parts

I surprised interrupted my friends working at Busbee's Truck Parts in the middle of a sunny Friday afternoon.  It was warm, sunny, Friday -- everyone was in a great mood.  What could possibly make it better?

Of course!

The tasters were Ronnie, RJ, Erika, Janet, John, Michael and me.  Everyone except me agreed the chocolate chip cheesecake is the better of the two, but everyone except Erika thought the raspberry was excellent as well.  Erika doesn't like raspberry, so she doesn't count, even though, according to Janet, the raspberry was very subtle.

I never even told them the chocolate raspberry cupcake was low fat!  They still loved it.  It was my favorite, hands down.

Cupcake website doesn't have these cupcakes listed, so I can't tell you the ingredients.  I'm pretty sure the chocolate raspberry had a cream cheese icing while the chocolate chip cheesecake had a buttercream icing.  The chocolate chip cheesecake has a delightful burst of cheesecake inside the cake.

Look what I found for the first time at my location of Cupake:

The Cupcake Mobile!
Guess what?!

Wouldn't I look fine driving that thing around?!

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