Mar 28, 2013

Easter Past

-The sun, the flowers, the crosses going up in church yards.... Easter has arrived.

 I love the week before Easter when we spend a little more time remembering Christ, thinking of His final week, meditating on scripture.  Things slow down a little and there is a somber feeling in the air as well as a sense of hope and things to come.  We know how the story ends.

Our house and property stays pretty quiet these days but it never used to be that way.  Today I'm happily remembering how we spent Easter Weekend in 2009.....

My brother and his family came down for a visit.  We dug Rebel out of his stall, blew the dust off him and let the girls have some fun.

Patti took each of the girls for a ride. 

I thnk they liked it better than my tractor rides.

Then Patti couldn't resist a li'l ride herself. The April winds had knocked down our apple tree and Patti decided to try to make Rebel jump it. I don't think he ever did it though, he'd sidestep it at the last minute every time. He's a great jumper, but he just wasn't sure about that downed tree. Horses are scaredy cats, did you know that?

The girls also discovered our swing. I love this photo, it's my favorite.

I'll have to find some poetry to go with it someday.

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