Mar 22, 2013

Marriage... Not Just a Piece of Paper

We recently celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary.  Our youngest daughter gave us the gift of a trip down Memory Lane, complete with a chauffeur.... herself... for which we rewarded her with a piece of pizza.

We were supposed to go to the restaurant we visited on our first date, but it was gone and the second one we visited was closed on Sundays, so we simply got our favorite pizza, of course.

We got married on Friday as Spring Break was beginning at USC.  As Marj took us on this drive, 28 years later, it was also the Friday of her Spring Break start at USC.  Cool, huh?

Because we were still college kids when we married,.....
we couldn't afford much of a place to live, so we lived in an outbuilding at 508 Georgia Street and our address was 508 1/2 Georgia Street and it looked like this on our wedding day:

And it looked like this 28 years later:

(I think it's metaphorical)

On our anniversary drive, Marjorie took us to several wonderful spots, but I want to focus on the stop at Maxcy Gregg Park in Columbia.  We married at Maxcy Gregg Park with just a pastor, our parents and one friend each in attendance.  The pastor convinced us to include them rather than elope totally alone as we had planned.  I am so grateful he convinced us to include our parents.  As a parent now, I realize how heartbreaking it would be to miss my child's wedding.  So mom was there with me, before hand, in the bridal chambers (Sims Dorm, USC), helping me get ready:

This is what the park looked like 28 years ago on our wedding day:

This is what the park looks like now:

Maxcy Gregg Park is now a park that honors cancer victims and survivors.  It's beautiful.
Here we are on our wedding day:

And now, 28 years later:

Marriage most definitely is not just a piece of paper as many young people today like to say.  But I'll save my sermon for another day.  The drive down Memory Lane was an outstanding gift and made better because our daughter stayed with us and walked down the memories with us.  Thanks, Marj.


Anonymous said...

What a great gift!

Mom said...

How well I remember that day and that park and so thankful you didn't get married without us! So sweet of Marj to do that, what a precious gift.