Jan 27, 2014

10 Unique Valentine's Ideas


It's time now to start your DIY Valentine's Day projects and I've gathered some of my Internet favorites for you.  Valentine's Day used to be my favorite holiday; hearts, my favorite shape.  I used to make cards smothered in Victorian lace, glittered hearts and gooey love cliche's.  But this year, I'll let you do the work.

My #1 Favorite Valentine's Gift Idea for 2014:
Cookie Dough......
  Let me stress:  Homemade cookie dough.  Don't give away store stuff.  Some of us are famous for our cookies, so why not give away the dough all mixed up in advance?  I Heart Naptime has great instructions and a free downloadable gift tag to go with the cookies.  Cookie Dough Gift Idea.

#2.  Valentine's Day Distressed Photo Blocks.   This really is my #1 favorite, but because of the time, supplies and skill level involved in making these, I bumped it to #2.  I love photos, wood and anything distressed, so these really caught my eye.  If you like art, scrapbooking or modpodge, this one's for you.

#3.   Free Assorted Valentine's Day Printables.  Several different Valentine's Tags for gift ideas.  My favorite is the paper lunch bag with the printable seal and a clothespin at the top.  You can alter the clothespin with scrapbooking supplies, too, for a little extra fun.

#4.  Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers.  Of course, I want a Hershey bar in this, but you can fit it to other candy bars.  This one, too, could be my #1 favorite.

#5.  Personalized Water Bottles.  Too much sugar?  Hand out cute, decorated water bottles.  Everybody's going to be thirsty after all their candy binges.

#6.  I Only Have Eyes For You Card/Notebook.  This one has directions to be made as a card.  But I suggest you use a plain notebook and make this a journal for someone.  You can get plain cardboard journals at a craft store and even some Walmarts or Targets now.  If you want to splurge on someone, get a Moleskine and alter it with the fabulous eyeballs.

#7.  Toilet Paper Tube Owls.  If you are a teacher, this looks like a great craft for the class.  There was one suggestion that a bag of candy can be tucked inside the tubes to make it a gift idea.

#8.  Kool-Aid Free Printable Valentine's Tags.  "You are totally KOOL, Valentine."  This is super cheap, super easy and all kids love Kool-Aid.

#9.   Nuts About You ~ Gift of Gourmet Nuts.  OK, so you can cut costs and use plain peanuts, but I think this gift idea would be nice with gourmet flavored nuts like praline pecans or Cajun peanuts, etc.

#10.  Love.... In Any Language.  My son-in-law did this one.  Write "I love you" in different languages on hearts and paste them all over your sweetie's house.  All.  Over.

#11.   20 Perfect Valentine's Day Desserts.  A bunch of foodie ideas all in one place!  That, my friend, is my Valentine to you.

Happy Valentine's Day! (early)

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