Jan 1, 2017

Mariah Carey New Year's Eve Fail Exemplifies 2016

Mariah Carey's epic fail  (in which she lost her earpiece, couldn't hear the music, was trying to lipsync, walked around in a daze, whined about not having her own holiday, etc.) at the 2016 Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve party in NYC was to be expected, it perfectly closed out 2016 with the cliche' she graciously tweeted that best represents 2016:


We all agree:  2016 was HORRIBLE.

The saving grace of 2016, for me, was the birth of another grandchild and addition of another son-in-law.  Those two redeeming factors save 2016 for me.  I hope you have a few redeeming factors of your own.

But as we move into 2017, I remind you that changes begin with you.  With me.  Each of us have to change something to make our lives better.

Join me is making some shifts in your personal life, your spiritual life and your civic life this year.  Stick an F in Mariah's ubiquitous phrase and run with it:
  Shift Happens.

We have 52 weeks ahead of us.  Join me for the next 52 weeks by creating a positive, healthy shift in your behavior each week.  Keep it private or share it with the hashtag

My first change for week one is to start yoga.  I've spent two horrible years on the couch crocheting and crying.  I've lost almost everything.  I was a stay-at-home mom and housewife.  My kids grew up and moved out, followed by my husband.  We sold the house in which they were raised.  I'm about to lose one of my part-time jobs.  I'm 52 with little education, little experience and a chronic terminal illness.  I'm discovering most people don't want to hire me.  Yoga seems like a great place to start -- stretch, open up and strengthen my core.  My second week, I will add releasing bitterness and my third week I will revive love and forgiveness.  Beyond that, we'll see what enfolds.

Join me, please.   Because errrbody else has left me, ha!  NO, JK, simmer down, JK!! (there's that bitterness!)....  of course not, join me because you deserve it, we deserve it and America will change if each one of us makes a few shifts, baby!  (like.... 52 shifts)

Who loves you?!!

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