Feb 9, 2017

7 Lamps Were Burning by Linda N. Merryman

South Carolina resident Linda N. Merryman has completed her first novel which has just been released in paper book or eBook format on Amazon.  7 Lamps Were Burning, the first book in the paranormal fantasy Cloudwalker Series, is a story about hope and redemption as Sasha, a young woman of Native American and Russian descent and the steward of Pandora’s Jar, has the key to saving the Cloudwalkers, an ancient fallen race.  Can Sasha bring hope back to mankind and redemption to seven earthbound spirits while dealing with her own issues of insecurity?

Linda Merryman, a native of Houston, Texas, has been a South Carolina resident for a couple of decades.  Having raised her five children here, she is now helping out with her grandchildren. 

Always a big reader, Merryman admits to being more dreamy and creative than organized.  If she isn’t writing or reading, then she’s drawing or painting and one time she went through a singing phase, but writing is what tugs at her the most.

While carpooling to work with her daughter in 2012, Merryman began writing the Cloudwalker series on napkins at the restaurant where her daughter worked.  She graduated to writing in notebooks and finally, a computer.  The first story practically wrote itself, such was the flow of the muse.  Several minor characters demanded bigger roles and the story spilled forth into two, then three books.  

Order your copy from Amazon and you won’t have to read long before you recognize the landscape.  Fellow Carolinians will recognize the Piggly Wiggly, routes along I-20, and the Harbison area of Columbia.  In book two, Merryman promises, the Little Bake Shoppe in rural Wagener, SC will introduce us to a not-so-nice character. (I love the Bake Shoppe!)

Find out more at LindaNMerryman.com.  Follow the series on Facebook/CloudwalkersOfficial.  Follow Linda Merryman on Twitter @DreamWeaving3 and search for her on Google+.  Merryman is a disciple of Christ in her personal life and the book is family friendly, a good read for your youth.

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Hey, sounds very interesting. Hope it is big print have a time reading small print. Love you, Donnie