Feb 10, 2017

Paralysis Recovery Specialist Ken Bryant to Donate Services to Aiken County Disabled

Paralysis Recovery Specialist Ken Bryant, a well-known therapist among the spinal cord injury community, will visit Aiken, SC, March 6 – 10, 2017 to provide his healing touch, at very little expense, to those paralyzed from spinal cord injuries or strokes. 

Bryant has experienced a 100% success rate with restoring some feeling or movement among his clients.  His method involves restoring or rerouting signals from the brain to the muscles, he does not repair a damaged spinal cord.  Bryant stated that when he works on a set of muscles, it takes two to five minutes to turn the muscles back on.  “You can see the change immediately,” he said, adding, “All we’re doing is turning muscles on, then they (his clients) have to build their strength up over time.  I have a God given gift to un-paralyze people.  I’ve never once seen where it hasn’t worked.” 
Bryant’s program usually consists of a five-day program at his Pinellas Park, FL location, working only a couple of hours each day with his clients.  The clients then continue strength training on their own with a personal trainer at a gym near home.  In Aiken, he will offer one session per client, un-paralyzing one muscle or muscle group, in an effort to see as many clients as time permits.  He has previously offered this program in Oregon, Cleveland, Toledo and more.

Adrian Steele, General Manager of Workout Anytime FitnessCenter on Richland Avenue in Aiken has generously donated the use of their gym and equipment for the week Ken Bryant is here.  Bryant invites anyone with a paralysis, ages 6 months and above to come receive his touch at Workout Anytime during the week of March 6 – 10, 2017.  Limited space is available and appointments must be made by February 24.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Vickie Staley at 803.571.3630. 
Bryant is volunteering his services and asking only that his travel expenses are paid and that his assistant receive her fees.  Donations and minimal client fees will go towards these expenses.  Fundraising has begun to cover the car rental, hotel fees, and meals.  Any additional funds raised will go towards reducing the client’s fee.  The Ken Bryant Project of Aiken County has been established for financial donations to cover the expenses.  The Law Office of Mr. Adrian L. Falgione has generously kicked-off the fundraising by donating $1,000. 

Vickie Staley, a Wagener resident and founder of the Ken Bryant Project of Aiken County, can testify to Ken Bryant’s success.  Staley’s son, Tyrell, became a C5-C6 quadriplegic after a car accident a few years ago.  In December of 2016, Tyrell spent a week with Bryant in Florida.  Staley reports about that visit, “Ken massaged the muscles to wake them up, he started in Tyrell’s back.  I thought ‘What is he doing?’  There were no machines, nothing electrical, it was a gift from his hands.  This man truly has a gift.”

Tyrell was not able to sit and balance himself before going to Florida, or hold the water bottle in his hand or drink from it.   He was not able to abduct or adduct his leg muscles.  After visiting Ken Bryant, Tyrell can do all of this and more.  He is now building his strength by working out weekly with Cole Lee at Workout Anytime, followed by an hour of Physical Therapy with Stephanie Vaughn at Sports Plus, Aiken.  Tyrell’s current goal is to stand up with a walker in 2017. 

Staley wants other people with paralysis to have the opportunity for healing without the huge cost associated with a week-long trip to Florida and Bryant’s in-house fees.  She invites you to join her.
There are many ways you can help.  You can spread the word to let people with spinal cord injuries or paralysis from strokes know that they have the opportunity to meet with Ken Bryant in Aiken.  You can donate the cost for a meal or a night’s stay at the hotel, or simply donate any sum to the Ken Bryant Project of Aiken County.  Contact Vickie Staley at 803.571.3630 for donation information or to schedule an appointment with Ken Bryant. 

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