Jan 2, 2018

New Year's Resolutions

 We had a lot of fun New Year's Eve and don't we look tough in this picture?

I devoted last year to wellness and trying homeopathic and integrated options.  Some things I have kept in my life on a regular basis (dandelion root tea, gall bladder wrap, essential oils, etc), some things I have discarded (turmeric tea, yoga).   I had every intention of writing more about it for you but I did not feel like blogging.
 This year, I have decided my focus will be relationships.  Won't that be interesting?  Infusing my relationships with intention.
I have added a new and very interesting client and I'm changing my role with another client. One I expect to be fun while the other will be a challenge and, I anticipate, not much enjoyable. It is not the direction I wanted to go with my work and probably will not like it.  But… one should always try.  I might be surprised.

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