Feb 7, 2018

CDC Vaccination Schedule is too Aggressive, Needs More Studies

The synergistic effect of the CDC's aggressive vaccine schedule HAS to be studied for safety. It's catastrophically unchecked & I dare say negligent. Our kids are in peril. #soangry

Before 1991, there were only 29 doses of 3 vaccines. After 1991, there were 46 doses of 16 Vaccines.  My children born before 91 had no issues and my child born after 91 had a mysterious allergy the Dr attributed to dust and eczema.   Since the late eighties, vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued.  But in 2008 the Vaccine injury compensation program was developed.  It has since then paid out 3 billion dollars.  Look up the Hannah Polen case.

Are we really going to wait until the autism rate is one in two?   Or that every single child has a chronic illness by age 3? (Food allergies,  Eczema, seizure disorders, GI issues and learning disabilities)

This is one problem.  The second problem is the escalating rate of cancer among adults.   I believe the studies are being suppressed here as well so that we can continue to have cell phones, WiFi,  dirty electricity, gmos, plastics and a variety of toxins literally everywhere.

I am at a loss on how I can make a difference.

If you would like to learn more, I point you to Miller's Critical Review of Vaccine Studies and The Vaccine Friendly Plan.

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