Jan 23, 2022

Dakar 2022 Sketches

I was again obsessed with the Dakar Rally during the first two weeks of January. I usually just watch the bikes, but this year I was also interested in the Light Prototype because I was following "Tomb RaiderAnnie Seel and Annett Fischer.  They came in #1 in all women team and #15 overall. Anyway, here are my sketches from this year.

Seel and Fischer's Ride
soft pastel:

Annett Fischer, beginning, day one

Toby Price, end of day full of trouble
water soluble graphite:

Manuel Andjubar
water soluble graphite with watercolor:

Adrien Vanbeveren, end of good day
soft pastel:

That's it!

Dakar 2021 Sketches

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