Jan 9, 2022

Iceman Championship 2022

So I crossed the North Edisto and much later, the Saluda, breezed along the Saluda just short of Riverbanks Zoo and downshifted the Jeep as I approached the Saluda Riverwalk on Saturday, January 8. There was no parking, cars were lined up along the road and I parked the half mile away in an empty yoga studio parking lot. 

The Mill Race Massacre and Iceman Championship was in full gear when I arrived. Around 50 kayakers were doing their best to out perform each other on the icy Saluda. Maybe some were just trying to beat their own record.

The Saluda Riverwalk is new to Columbia and offers a wooden walkway along the river, picnic tables, restroom. I haven't kept up with the river scene in Columbia for the past couple of years so it's possible the walkway connects with other River walkways. I think the city was trying to get them all connected. I didn't walk far enough to find out.

I was there to play around with my camera. I was disappointed to find that I had the settings wrong and the pictures aren't quite right. I was also there as a fellow kayaker however this is not the kayaking that I do. I ride the sit on top kayak and just float down a lazy river with no white water.  These kayakers probably resent that I used the word kayak. 

Anyway, it was a beautiful day and I thought you might enjoy the pictures. Even overcast, cold days can be beautiful.

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