Jan 17, 2024

5 minutes or Less to Have a Good Day

I was today-years-old when I discovered the 5-minute stay-in-your-car oil change didn't literally mean 5 minutes.

It was a busy day. Over coffee and my GPS map, I planned my route and my stops to the minute. I put on fancy but comfortable clothes to give me a good attitude. Made me feel like I meant business. 

So when the 5 minute oil change in fact took nearly 55 minutes, I was bummed. (There were two cars in front of me so should have taken 15 minutes, I'll admit that.)

The stay in your car, stay in your car, stay in your car (!!) signs all over the place kept me in, but I'll tell you I desperately wanted to get out in my serious clothes and clip clop my heels over to give them a good reprimand and let them know I mean business today. 

Instead, I took a deep breath. Crossed a few things off my to do list and rerouted my map. 

What a refreshing feeling to Let It Go. To not get all upset and huffy puffy. What a way to live, to just go with the flow and cooperate with whatever crosses your path. And even to give a smile to the guy who messed up your plans, who lied to you with the 5-minute promise. 

Big smile, "Hi Mr. Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire, you can't ruin my day, you are powerless! Have a wonderful day you nasty, wasty skunk."

I shifted gears, slid my shades down and winked at him.  B-bye! 

I think I'll make it my New Year's resolution to just have a good day. Every day.


Anonymous said...

I always thought it would only take 5 minutes too. Why else would they name it that??

Poof said...

There was one time I went and it was only 15 minutes.