Jul 4, 2008

I Am Getting Calm . . . Very Calm

This is my official "before" photo. In a month, some diet/vegie company will use it in an ad next to an "after" photo, in which I will appear 20 years younger and so much happier.
Because . . . I'm really getting into this whole good health thing and all. I've eased my way into eating more fruits and vegies and I've been researching various healthy diets and detox plans. I'm just about ready to launch into a 14 day detox program to be followed with a lifetime of healthy eating afterwards. (place your bets how long any of that will last).  The Book.  More Info on the Diet:  Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox.
I start detoxing this Saturday, which is a very strict diet, which means I'll be extra grumpy for awhile. But to get myself ready, I've been doing some of the program early. For instance, tonight I had my first "green drink." It wasn't too bad. But I've heard "Mr. Billy makes the best." wah wah wah. It's always "Mr. Billy this" and "Mr. Billy that."
Back to me. I chased my green drink with my first herbal tea. I'm a coffee drinker, I know that surprises you. I don't like tea. But I found reading the bag to be very interesting and felt I must share it with you.
It's "tazo" tea; their claim: "The reincarnation of tea." Well, that's spiffy. I didn't like tea, so if it's reincarnated, maybe it's better. For tonight, I chose "Calm Herbal Infusion." I'm sipping it now, can't you tell? I'm so calm. The bag:
"A single cup of Tazo Calm has been known
to have the same effect as sitting for 45 minutes,
in a mountain meadow
on a sunny day
with your shoes off."
Ohhhh, that is so me. All this money we've spent on gas to get me to the mountains for my calming Sunday Worships and nature hikes and we could've accomplished it with a single cup of tea. The bottom of the bag reads:"To ask questions, share observations or simply have a bit of human contact, write us at.....", blah blah blah...... then it says "Allow two weeks of this lifetime for a written response." How cool is that? They know that I've got my eye on eternity so they are sure to specify "this lifetime."
Use your George Castanza voice for this:
"Tazo Tea all the way, baby, I'm drinking my Tazo."
(how do you pronounce that anyway?)
PS - Happy Fourth of July!


Anonymous said...

Hi I just read your very amusing blog. Good luck to you in your journey to detox and lose a gazillion pounds (which by your pic doesn't look like you really need to). What I did not see is if you liked the Calm tea you drank. Hopefully it lived up to the billing.


Poof said...

The tea was good, in and of itself. But when you have to drink 5-7 cups of herbal tea a day, it is sickening. If I only need one cup a day, I'd take the Tazo for sure.