Oct 9, 2010

South Carolina Beats #1 Alabama!

It's absolutely unbelievable!
A surreal moment!
A "where were you when....." moment.
No, not the fact that USC beat #1 Alabama.
It's that Cousin David horned in on the action, yet again, showing up in the photos - here he apparently is just peeking over Spurrier's shoulder.

For those new to Planet Pookie, Cousin David manages to get in a lot of family photos. He has become a legend. Here are a few examples:

In Which he pops in the picture exactly like he did with Spurrier.
In Which a reader paints him in.
In Which, again, he's innocently in the background.
In Which I challenge him to a McDonald's Enduro.
In Which he enjoys some Fall Fun.
In Which we take him on a very wet backpacking trip.
In Which he visits the zoo.
In Which he dominates my birthday pictures.
In Which he's cute and adorable and wearing striped pants.
In Which Life is an Edventure.
In Which he does a good deed.
In Which he's part of what makes going home so stinkin' good.

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